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National Pest Management Month: Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted by Erin Anthony on Wed, Apr 04, 2018 @ 07:29 PM

National Pest Management means Spring is finally here! (Even though 37 degrees and rainy doesn't necessarily make us want to pull out the flip-flops.) The weather may still seem confused but that's not enough to stop pests from crawling out of their winter hiding spots. Franklin Pest Solutions will be providing you with great tips on welcoming spring into your home and keeping pests out.Franklin Facebook Cover Photo

During National Pest Management Month, we here at Franklin join our fellow pest control colleagues and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to recognize this time that honors the important role pest control professionals have in protecting our health; our communities, businesses, and homes from the dangers and destruction caused by pests. Springtime is the perfect time for all the creepy crawlers to emerge. Luckily, Franklin Pest Solutions offers spring cleaning tips to help make sure that your home is protected as spring pests begin to stir from their winter hangouts. 

Peak Pest Season

As pests begin to come out from their winter hiding places it's important to know what you are looking for to spot intruders. "Pests like termites, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes and ticks are a concern when the weather is warmer and all bring their own distinct set of complications along with them. Think: structural damage, food-borne illnesses, allergy and asthma triggers, and other much more deadly health risks, said Curtis Rand, V.P. of Operations for Franklin Pest Solutions. "As we're heading into peak pest season, we strongly encourage homeowners to take a careful look around their properties and to contact a pest control professional to help eliminate pest problems and associated health risks around the home."

Get Your Spring Cleaning Started Right iStock-502054247

To keep our spring cleaning themed tips and tricks going here's what the NPMA and Franklin Pest Solutions recommend for your home this spring:   

  • Eliminate sources of standing water around the house, including birdbaths and in clogged gutters to help reduce biting mosquito populations.
  • Seal any cracks on t eh outside of the home with a silicone-based caulk including entry points for utilities and pipes.
  • Replace weather-stripping and repair loose mortar around the foundation and windows.
  • Keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed back and away fro the house. Overhanging branches can act as highways into the home.
  • Repair fascia and rotted roof shingles.
  • Keep mulch at least 15 inches fro the foundation.
  • Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.
  • Store garbage in sealed containers and dispose of it regularly.
  • Avoid leaving pet food out in dishes for long periods of time.
  • Consider partnering with Franklin Pest Solutions to determine the best preventive service to suit your home and needs.

If you happen to find yourself feeling overwhelmed feel free to contact us anytime for professional help. Keep in touch on social media using the buttons below. Guarantee you're covered all year long with our Healthy Home Maintenance Program and for termites, too, with our Healthy Home Plus Sentricon Program.
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